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The Art of Lottery Numbers PredictionThe G.A.T. Engine Prediction Project by Anastasios Tampakis.

Axis of Weasels State lotteries now faking lottery draws by computer.

Banker Key King Monarch common numbers = fewer combinations by Paul McCoy.

Bold and Shy Lottery Numbers forget hot and cold thinking by Joe Roberts.

The Cincinnati Post Sites offer lottery lowdown by Jan Perry. (archived copy)

Conditional 5if6 Wheeling Play for the Prizes You Really Want to Win by Robert Perkis

Decade Reduction the Strategy Eliminating decades by Scott Rudy.

Delta Lottery Number Reduction What are deltas by Scott Rudy.

Elad Lottery Systems republished with permission from Elad's Lottery Forum

  • 2 Even 1 Odd System

  • 4 of 5 System

  • Cash 5 Wheel System

  • Chelle's Workout

  • Dum Dum Odd Even System

  • Dum Dum Odd Even System 2

  • Dum Dum 2 Even 1 Odd System

  • Dum Dum 2 Odd 1 Even System

  • Dum Dum Your Picks System

  • Lucky's One Up One Down Pick-3 System

  • Lucky's One Up One Down Pick-4 System

  • Make Pairs Pick-3 System

  • Make Pairs Pick 4 System

  • Missing Numbers System

  • Pair It Wheel System

  • Pick 3 - 2 Even 1 Odd System

  • Pick Picker-6 Digits System

  • Pick Picker-7 Digits System

  • Pick-3 6 Digits System

  • Pick-3 Doubles Wheel 1 Even 2 Odd System

  • Pick-3 Double Wheel 1 Odd 2 Even System

  • Pick-3 4 Digits Wheel System

  • Pick-4 5 Digits Wheel System

  • Pick-4 6 Digits Wheel System

  • Pick-4 7 Digits Wheel System

  • Tic Tac Toe System

  • Tony's Tic Tac Toe System

    Did You Know?: Facts about the lottery you should know by NASPL.

    ESP and the Lottery Does ESP account for winning the lottery? (archived copy)

    The Infamous Combination Will 1-2-3-4-5-6 be drawn tonight? by Paul McCoy.

    Extending Coverage in Wheeling by Robert Perkis.

    Frauds and Scams Some info and links to info on lottery and related schemes that want your cash.

    Freedom Of Information Act Generator A way to demand your lottery game history.

    Frequency Distribution: The surprising truth about hot and cold numbers by Robert Perkis

    How To Cheat The Lottery Discussion results on ways the lottery might be cheated.

    Here's how to lose at Mega Millions like a real expert by Joe Blundo.

    How to Win Your Pick-6 Lottery Game Some thoughts on Pick-6 by Robert Perkis

    Hunter vs Trapper Are you a lottery number hunter or trapper? by Scott Rudy.

    John Lottery's Bimonthly Lottery Articles A variety of articles focused on lottery.

    The Latin Lotto Scam The Truth Report. Coming to a town near you? (archived copy)

    Law of Attraction If there is a secret in the universe that can bring you good things, it could be the Law of Attraction.

    Lottery Concepts 1994 report on strategies for winning all lottery games.

    Lottery Master Tips Ken Silver provides suggestions for lotto players a .8meg pdf

    Lottery Scams Don't be a victim protect yourself. The Colorado Lottery report.

    Lottery SenilityWhen a lottery becomes senile.

    The Lottery Ticket A short story about a lottery ticket.

    Lottomasta Reports Eight free reports on Lottery and PowerBall you'll want to read.

    Lotto sum frequencies and the bell curve by Stig Holmquist

    4.8 million people nearly win lottery their numbers were incredibly close to the right ones. (archived copy)

    Lucky Rose SystemAutomated version of Amuzing P3's Pick-3 System.

    Magic Lotto Wizard System for Pick-3/4 lottery games. by Robert Perkis

    Money Management Systems $250,000.00 Pick-3 Jackpots? by Robert Perkis

    Novel and Amusing Ways of Selecting Lottery Numbers by Zyra Electric Net System

    Numbers or Symbols Working with the numbers as symbols by gARY.

    The 1-2-3-4-5-6 Opportunity by Robert Perkis

    One Jerk's Winning Lotto Fantasy Bad attitude article about who wins and why (archived copy)

    Overcoming Fear of Success, Money and Winning the LotteryFear of success can ruin all your plans.

    Pick-3 Daily Doubles Strategy.

    Pick-3 Box Chart showing a breakdown by the Numbers into Sums and Roots

    Pick-3 Breakdown Breaking Pick-3 down into a winning system

    Pick-3 Keypad System The only way to win Pick-3.

    Pick-3 One Thousand Numbers Chart showing all 1000 numbers and more

    The Pivot System Amaze your friends with your prize winning powers!

    Play Lotto Free Get All Your Money Back - Guaranteed.

    Power Trails a Pick 3 Lottery System Parts 1 and 2

    Running a Lottery, For Beginners Plus Online Maths Magazine: Feature Lottery Article

    Scratch Offs Some thoughts on playing the scratch off games.

    Scratch Tickets What you need to know before buying lottery scratch off tickets

    System XYZ What may be the original System-X you decide. (adobe pdf download)

    Texas Scratch Is scratch-off buyer playing the lottery or being played?

    There's More to Picking Winning Numbers than Clicking On Enter by Joe Roberts

    Thinking About Buying a Mobile Home The swindle they never mention (not lottery).

    Thinking about Buying a Mobile Home Coral Lake Fl homes at risk (not lottery).

    Top ten myths about lottery (and why they are not true) by Duane V. Burke.

    Turn One Dollar Into A Million Or something like that. by Robert Perkis

    What To Do If You WIN the Lottery. (archived copy)

    What To Do If you win the lottery by (archived copy)

    Wheeling vs Random Generated Combinations by Joe Roberts

    Wheeling vs Randomly Generated Combinations part 2 by Joe Roberts

    Wheels and Filtering Some lottery articles by Bob Lyons (Mr.Z.)(archived copy)

    Why is the lotto money not going to the poor? Lotto organizers explain what goes wrong (archived copy)

    Winners And Losers Compairson between lottery winners and losers by Paul McCoy (archived copy)

    Working with Lottery Number Gaps what it's all about by Steve Highfield.

    Who Tests the Lottery Balls (archive copy)

    You can win your Fantasy Five game by Robert Perkis.

    You may already be a Wiener Receive an email you won a jackpot? Schemes and Scams. (archived copy)

    Win Lotto Winning the Lottery On A Shoe String by Robert Perkis.

    Win That Lotto Proven Lotto Winning Strategies Revealed .2meg PDF report requires Adobe PDF reader.

    Winning At Contests and SweepstakesLearn about how to win playing contests and sweepstakes small .14meg PDF report requires Adobe PDF reader.

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