Proposed Million Dollar Bill

The Pivot System

by Robert Perkis / Lotto-Logix

Amaze your friends!!! Astonish your enemies!!!  With the 
incredible prize winning power of the Pivot System!!!

Tired of beating your head against the wall trying to come up with winning lottery numbers to play?

Tired of Quick Pics?

Tired of 12 and 18 number wheels where you only have one or two of the winning numbers among them?

Been there, done that?

Let me tell you about the Pivot System . . .

The simple truth is most people can pick one or two of the winning numbers. How often have you had one or two of the winning numbers on your ticket? More times than you care to count, am I right?

The trouble with Quick Picks, even those that allow you to choose some of the numbers yourself, is they are all too often poorly distributed plays. Ever buy ten Quick Picks and find only about 2/3rds of the numbers were put into play and only three of the winning numbers were found scattered among the lines? Quick Picks guarantee nothing!

What the Pivot System does is take your two favorite numbers (should be two that hit together fairly regular) and puts them in every line in the minimal number of lines (optimal matrix) necessary to put ALL your game's lottery numbers into play.

This means you will always have ALL the winning numbers among the lines you are playing. If your two favorite numbers are drawn together and you don't have a four number win, you will have at least four 3# winning tickets in Pick-6 or three 3# winning tickets with Pick-5 and you could do much better.

Now understand I can only guarantee small prizes when your favorites come in together. Ten or twelve or even one hundred lines out of millions of lines are slim odds to win big, but at least you won't have lost before the first number is drawn by having none of the winning numbers among your lines playing less than half the numbers.

What I need from you:

Write to me Robert Perkis and tell me what game you play, its size and your favorite two numbers* like this: "Hi Robert I play the Florida Fantasy 5/36 game my favorite numbers are 8 and 23 my budget per draw is 30 lines." Or: "Hi Robert I play the PA 6/69 game my favorite numbers are 36 and 63 and my budget per draw is 20 lines."

What you will receive from me:

Your favorite numbers worked into the quantity of optimal high probability lines you requested covering all the numbers and 100% guaranteeing a prize(s) when your two favorite numbers are drawn together.

What this will cost you:

If you win big, buy me a beer !!!

Oh, and don't worry about emailing me I won't do anything with your name and email honest, except to send you your free copy of the the Pivot System lines custom made for you. I delete as soon as I send so don't expect me to remember what I sent if you lose your system, on the other hand if you don't like your lines for any reason just request a new set.

Send for your free customized Pivot System now.

* Favorite numbers should be two you have confidence in with a history of being drawn fairly regular. These can be birth day and month or any you prefer. We don't recommend the two hottest numbers as they may be over subscribed.

** The more lines you play the better the odds of winning and the more prizes when your two favorite numbers are drawn. The cycle of covering all the numbers repeats so if all your games numbers are covered in ten lines twenty should do it twice in two different ways which greatly improves your chances. Any lottery expert should be able to tell you playing all the numbers in the minimum number of lines is odds optimal when starting to build a system to play all the numbers. If you don't request a specific quantity of lines I will send you the minimum number of lines necessary to cover all the numbers. I will send you any number of lines you request up to 100, however I highly recommend the quantity that fits your per draw playing budget over time to be best because you must play all the lines I send you for the system to work.

Notice: Due to the nature of this kind of offer no guarantee or warranty of success is offered or implied. The use of the term "guaranteed" when the two favorite numbers are correct is a mathematical certainty and not a legal guarantee.

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