Extending Coverage in Wheeling

by Robert Perkis / Lotto-Logix

How often have you wanted to play a few more numbers only to
find a wheel of that size wasn't in the budget?

Most of us rarely give much thought to the individual lottery ticket. It is important to remember that the single ticket shares in properties normally found in a wheel. When winning numbers are found among the numbers on a lottery ticket, the ticket (like a wheel) can be said to be covering 3if3, 4if4, 5if5 and sometimes even 6if6.

If you've been to "lottery school" you should know any two lottery tickets (combinations) form a minimum of a 3if5of6in12 number 2 combination wheel (12,3,5,6 = 2) and of course 3if6 is concurrently covered and if there is overlap even higher prize tiers may be covered.

Big wheels like 4if6in18n42c (18,6,4,6 = 42, Pool-18, Match-4, Hits-6, Pick-6, Combinations-42 wheeling repository code is similar to working in CoverMaster) have a secret a wheel tester like the one in CoverMaster can bring out. Many of these wheels not only guarantee their higher prize, they also cover lower tier such as 3if4, 3if5, 3if6. This is why you win a 3# prize when only four winning numbers are among those being wheeled for the 4if6 prize.

What makes this interesting, is what happens when you play both a wheel with a 3if3 guarantee (like our single ticket has) and a wheel with a 3if4 guarantee. Even though they are as completely independent as two individual tickets, they form a wheel that 100% guarantees a 3if6 prize if all six winning numbers are among those being wheeled.

As an example, let's say you are playing a 4if6in18n42c wheel and you add a 43rd. ticket with six numbers not already among the 18. You still have your 4if6in18n42c wheel, but you also have a 3if6in24n43c wheel. One more combination and you have the virtual equivalent of an entire second wheel!

Let's take this a step further. You download the free copy of Lottery Cracker version 2 and use it to make the eight lines of six numbers covering 48 of the 49 numbers in balanced combinations.

What happens when you play these eight lines in addition to your wheel, would be the virtual equivalent of eight 3if6in24n wheels for little more than the price of one. Of course you're not really buying hundreds of tickets so you don't get the redundant coverage, but you certainly get more interesting coverage for a very economical price.

I'll anticipate your next question: What about other wheels? What if you play a 3if5of6in24n30c and add a six number ticket to make it a 3if6in30n31c what kind of coverage do you get? Well for 3if5of6 and 4if6 (without 100% 3if4 concurrent coverage) you won't get 100% coverage, but you will get coverage in the 90%-99% range which isn't bad for adding a single ticket.

How about adding a ticket to a 3if6 wheel, what happens then? Not much I'm afraid, you don't have 3if3, 3if4 or 3if5 on the heavy side, so even with all six winning numbers being found among the wheeled there is roughly a 50/50 shot at enough being found on either side to guarantee a prize. Still, that's not such a bad deal if you wanted to bring a 3if6in30n up to a 3if6in36 x 8.

Lotto-Logix recommends open cover wheels, where the coverage is in the 90%-99% range, what happens when you add an additional six number ticket to that kind of wheel? You get equivalently reduced percentage of the overall coverage, though generally still in the 90%-99% range, you'd have to run both through the wheel tester to know for sure as wheel coverage can vary.

Strategy, we've run off several sets of eight tickets of six numbers each, which set to use? Use sets with two or three of your "hot" numbers per line. Hot being numbers hitting two or three times in the last ten drawings prior.

Strategy, show us how to use this information in the free lotto games: OK, we're playing the free lotto games and some only give us around eight free tickets, here is the best place to use the collection of eight lines covering 48 of the numbers. Those that allow roughly twenty tickets, use lottery software to make your best 16-18 number 3if5 wheel in between 10 and 12 combinations and add in your eight lines of six.

Help! The game has more numbers 50-54-60, etc. and a prize I want to win. As the size of the game goes up, your odds of winning go down rapidly, especially if they restrict your number of entries to 5 or fewer per day per draw.

Your best bet is to go into CoverMaster and on the grid type all the numbers in the game, ie: 1-54 and if you have any empty boxes begin at the beginning 54-1-2-3-4-5, remembering to press [enter] after each number even the last. Next click on [Randomize] several times and you will get a rough version of what Lottery Cracker makes, then save and print. Play as many of the tickets as you can.

For all these games I suggest you have one all purpose favorite combination you play in every game to reap the reward of many games trying to match your ticket over repeated draws. I'm not talking about the kind of ticket your grandmother plays with all the family birthdays. I mean a well devised ticket based on everything you've learned about the lottery to date and don't get so attached you can't change it when you learn something new.

Good luck to you. Robert Perkis / http://www.lotto-logix.com/

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