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Didn't find what you were looking for? No need to reinvent the wheel, there are plenty to choose from at the Wheeling Repositories or you can make your own with Wheeling Software.

Making your own wheels can be an educational and illuminating experience for reasonably knowledgeable users of lottery wheels and computer software of both dos and windows operating systems. Though a few require almost programming skills, most will make an acceptable open cover design you can play at far lower cost then a closed cover design, with little more then average computer skill levels.

The information linked to below is for the most part free, which means you have the right to use it, but not to re-publish it or put it on your web site as if your own. All original authors' copyrights apply.

Rade Belic's: Covering site and 3if6in49#163c CC Wheel
Rade Belic's: Bounds with wheels click to open/copy
Iliya Bluskov's Lotbooks for P5 and P6: Over 300 pages of superb lottery wheeling systems
Uros Boltin's Ininuga: Pc program to create, minimize or just test lotto wheels
Philippe Coustaux's: Open Wheel and Covering Design Repository
Cover download: 16bit simulated annealing program by Kari Nurmela and Pat Oestergard
Cover32 download: 32bit simulated annealing program by Kari Nurmela and Pat Oestergard
CoverMaster by John Rawson's: Wheel builder a Fantastic Wheeling Program zip Password BB190497
CoverMaster Demo download: Older version without auto restart v still incredible!
CoverMaster Demo download: Newest version WITH auto restart v incredible wheeler!
CoverMaster Doc download: Manual for CoverMaster 39k
CoverMaster Doc download: Manual for CoverMaster as a PDF file.
Intelbet: Dynamic Wheels (Freeware Wheel Optimizer, version 1.4)
Jade Wheel Gen download: The Jade wheel maker exe file a 5meg download
Jade Wheel Gen download: The Jade wheel maker zip file a 5meg download
Jaera's 6/49 - Record 3 Match 6/49 and 6/45 Lottery Wheels - - ZahLots Jimdo Page
La Jolla: Dan Gordon's Covering Repository
Lottery Director Free Wheeling Software Includes a Freeware Lotto Wheel Maker
Lotto Odds Calculator: Line to index, index to line calculation engine
Lotto Mining The online database that generates Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick5 wheels
Maybell Quick Wheeler download: Makes Straight/Box wheels for Pick-3/4 full Pick-5/6 wheels
Mike's Keno Wheels WebpageSome unique Keno wheels to experiment with
Nick Koutras' Lotto DesignerXL: Excel based wheel builder of exceptional power
Nick Koutras' Lottery software: Build wheeling systems plus wheel design discussion
Lotto Genius: the first online lottery dynamic wheel builder, ie only
Mladen Malik's: Wheeling site with Pick-7 Wheels and more
Reduced P6 Lotto Systems download: 24 reduced wheeling systems free pdf report download.
Uenal Mutlu's: 3if6in48#168c Wheel Design
Nick A Quid: Lottery wheel perms that use only 9 combinations
Record 3 Match: 6/49 percentage of match lottery wheels.
Dragan Stojiljkovic's: Covering site and 3if6in49#163c Wheel home
The Lottery Institute: Wheeling Systems - Covering Designs & Combinatorics.
The Lottery Specialist: Wheeling Page and more.
The Lotto Site:Web based wheel generation, free wheeling systems for all lotto games.
Payday Wheels: For the pick 4 lottery known as Payday or Regional Payday.
Peter Rosendahl's: Wheeling web site and record holding 3if6in48n161c wheel
WeEf's Lotto-, Keno- and EuroMillions-wheels: Free wheels and lottery tools
Wheel Generator Wheel Generator is the ultimate tool for generating dynamic wheels
Wheeling Limits: Bounds charts of how many combinations a wheel should require
Wheeling Odds Calculator See your odds improve as you wheel more numbers.
Wheel World: Mike K's online Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5 and Pick-6 wheels.

Random Number Generation

Geoffrey C. Urbaniak's Research Randomizer: Made for science, works great for lotto
Lotto-Logix's: Expanded randomizer for lottery
Lotto Paradise: Weighted online lottery number randomizer and free wheels (Note: Site won't output the wheels requested on the Web Archive despite a request to fix the archive, got a stupid reply instead.)
Virtual Lottery Numbers: A list of lottery number generators archived Lottery Director Banner

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