Numbers or Symbols

Just Another Theory.

Basically the lottery was born after mankind so in affect all lotteries around the World would have that countries native symbols on the balls, Ancient China would have numbers we would not recognise but they would still be 1-49. How would you know what order (numerical) to put the say, Egyptian lottery balls in?

I could play the Chinese lottery without knowing what those symbols meant! I do just that today with the local.

The English language makes it easy for us to count (decimal) 1-100 and obviously this would be the simplest form of identifier to apply to the lottery balls and in the Roman times some other icons were sure to be applied.

So where is this leading? I am bloody sure that using the numbers as a counting tool in playing lotteries is the wrong way to go! They are just symbols worth no more than a picture!

I have thrown ALL my past work out the window and started again with the above in the forefront of my mind which is why I'm finding it hard to help most people go through the lottery path knowing it is the wrong way to go. This post is in no way, going to try and convert anyone's beliefs more like get mine across in the hope you all see where I'm at and where you will ALL hopefully end up.

Lets take the good ol die, 1-6 I see as pictures not numbers (numbers are man made) Now whatever you can do with six (6) pictures I would like to do with the UK lottery, my "Red Car" idea is a good example, how it works basically is to find the biggest amount of pictures that have never shown a collective three (3) over 57draws. I would like more examples to show you all but as yet I am struggling to advance my theory because of personal reasons.

It might be easier to show you the other side of the coin (excuse the pun) ;) Apart from what else can they write on the balls, but 1-49?? The human race is a problem solving species and 1-49 look so appealing to us and to (example) add up the six (6) drawn we feel there is some sort of advantage (sum total)OR to find 3odd and 3even get drawn we sort of latch on, that was expected! I would like to say that ALL peoples ;) are looking up the wrong tree. Because IF instead of odd it was blue and instead of even it was red you would have the same result but it would be a 50/50 on each extraction of the six (6) balls. Same, if all balls below 24 were red and above blue there would be nothing to add up and no ORDER to place the balls in after the draw,,,,,but it's the same lottery and just pictures in reality!

The ONLY valid tool to use predicting lotteries is to study the probabilities of the icons.


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