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What does the average person usually dream about?

If you answered "getting rich", you're probably right!

All you have to do is look at some of the best-selling books of all time like, "Wealth Without Risk" and "How To Make Millions Selling Real Estate", and you soon realize what's on everyone's mind.

Winning a contest could be a short cut to wealth!

Look at the California and Alaska gold rushes. Or two of the more popular TV series in recent history: The Beverly Hillbillies and Dallas, where the heroes are oil barons; all indicating an interest in a short-cut to wealth and fame. Becoming a millionaire is a worthy goal, though most confine it to their dreams and only a few pursue the dream vigorously enough to make it. Many people feel it's "not in the cards" for them. They feel they have virtually no chance of ever making that much money, so they don't even bother to attempt it.!

There is a lot of wealth in this country still to be had.
In fact, a substantial amount of money and merchandise is given away every year in this country— in sweepstakes and other contests! This is not just the luck of the draw— people try to win at these contests, so why shouldn't you? If there are people willing to give this wealth away, why not get in line for your share?

You, like others, may be skeptical of prize money and luxury items that are given away in these contests. Is that because you've never known anyone who has won? These giveaways actually do happen.

Another reason for skepticism is the wonder at how anyone sponsoring the contest or sweepstakes can afford to give anything like these amounts away. Yet, this is just another form of advertising for the sponsor. Each year, huge amounts of money are spent to reach the buying public. Some companies pay several million dollars to have a 30-second advertisement run during the Super Bowl. Others prefer to give that money away and try to get people to notice their name and ultimately buy their products.

Think about it! You receive tons of junk mail every year. When you get the million dollar giveaway envelope, do you open it to see what it says? Chances are, if you read any of the junk mail, that's going to be the one you pick up as opposed to those flyers not giving anything away.

Advertisers understand this and that's why they run legitimate million dollar giveaways— to advertise to people like yourself who might not have heard of this particular company otherwise. This is how the sweepstakes and contests got their start and continue to flourish, and more and more people look toward fulfilling that ultimate millionaire dream!

Do you play the lottery every week? If so, why? To win the big prize money, obviously. There are long odds against winning, but you play anyway because there's always that outside chance, right? If you don't play, your chances are 100 percent that you'll lose, but buying a ticket gets you at least an opportunity of cashing in the ultimate check, no matter how small.

So what's the difference between playing the lottery and participating in sweepstakes and contests? Nothing!

If you devote a little energy into playing all of these contests that come your way, you will create more opportunities for yourself to win— and win big. You can't win if you don't play.

Here are opportunities that show up nearly every week for you to realize that dream of being wealthy. And the work effort involved is minimal considering the potential payoff you are striving to attain.

Look at it this way. Contest sponsors are going to give this money away to someone. Why not you? The company bottom line is to advertise their product(s). They will accomplish this through their promotion. If there's something to be won in the meantime, shouldn't you try for it?

What have you got to lose?

Winning a contest can be one of the most exciting things you ever do.

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