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Advanced Lotto Tool
The Advanced Lotto Tool is a professional lottery software for players or the groups of players, full-featured and advanced lottery analysis program, which helps you select tickets for any lottery - Pick-5, Pick-6 and Pick-7, with up to 2 bonus or PowerBall numbers. Money saving option is included! Apply filters that eliminate tickets with unlikely number combinations. Lottery Filters! The Advanced Lotto Tool offers up to 14 filter categories.

Attrasoft Predictor 2.6
Prediction software for the stock market, stock index, lottery number, forecasting, forecast, earnings, revenue, short term, long term, interest rates, commodity, etc.

Blur Tool Pick-3 Knight
Individual Pick-3 System Software. Using it's internal program calculations this tool evaluates all the numbers around your selections and finds the missing numbers for you to play.

Wheeling system software for lotto, keno. soccer, free demo.

Wheel builder a fantastic wheel construction program. Easy and fun to use. Virtually free, get it while you still can. Best wheel making software ever !!! If this link is not working visit Lotto-Logix's Wheel Links page instead for a copy.

Crunch For Pick 3
Pick 3 Number Evaluation and Reduction System. The Only REAL Number CRUNCHER. This system allows you to design, compare predictions, previous drawings, reduce numbers to a payable level by using strong filters such as high/low, even/odd, sum range, root sums, key numbers and more. The options are almost without limitations.The most important tool for every serious PICK 3 lottery player.

The Delta Lotto System
Which bet would you rather take, 6 numbers between 1-50 or 6 numbers between 1-15? Incredibly, this program will show you that any winning lotto number can be picked from only 15 numbers. This powerful lotto software is based on the unique Delta system discussed at our website. It happens that Delta representations of winning lotto and keno numbers have some very interesting characteristics. Low Deltas like 1,2, or 3 are much more likely than higher Deltas, for example. The program incorporates Deltas into eight systems for analyzing lotto/keno numbers. Picks can be based on historical data, Delta calculations, typical number patterns and more. Stores and statistically analyzes data for as many games as you wish to play. Each game can have its own data, its own system and other parameters. Powerful import engine makes sense out of lotto data from almost anywhere. Unique Filter feature lets you analyze only the data you want to - you can separate drawings by day of the week, by ballsets, or anything else you can think of. Multiple charts for number distribution, Delta numbers, and number trends. But this isn't software only for math nerds! Nearly 100 popular lotto and keno games come already set up, ready to play in a button-push. And adding new games is a snap.

For the player of LOTO , LOTTO , 6/49 (and all games 6/nn (nn<=60)) this program has wheels . The program can print directly on the lotto tickets and has a module that shows rapidly the number of good number in each board played.

Excel Systems
Free Pick-3 systems for Excel. Download them from here while you can.

Expert Lotto Software
Expert Lotto is an universal and comprehensive lottery tool that supports all numerical lotteries - Jackpot, Keno, Powerball, Pick-3, Pick-4. With Expert Lotto You can create full, abbreviated and random wheels. For example when playing a 6/49 lottery you can work with all 13983816 number combinations. Expert Lotto offers a rich set of filters to implement your lottery strategy. You can even link filters together using logical operators to build complex filtering conditions and then back-test your filters to verify their perfomance on past winning numbers. There is also a special set of coverage filters. Comprehensive statistics tables and charts are available to analyze lottery's winning numbers database. You can track and evaluate the frequency of drawn numbers, frequency of pairs and triplets, frequency of combinations of any two numbers and many more. Expert Lotto implements a very powerful and unique tool to analyze previous winning numbers. The application presents past winning numbers as a series of chart lines. If you manage to correctly estimate the trend of these lines (i.e. the line will rise/fall in the next draw), Expert Lotto will calculate for you a reasonably small set of combinations (tens to hundreds of combinations) that are 100% guaranteed to include the jackpot winning combination! This procedure is reproducible. Other Expert Lotto features include playslip printing, win coverage reports, online updates, imports and exports to spreadsheet processors, winning numbers management and much more.

Extremely Awesome Lotto
(E.A.L) is an international Lotto database application evolved from the Multi-Award winning software title SL4. E.A.L Features include: Lotto Number Analysis Lotto Number Statistics Personal Database Builder Winnings Checker Drag and Drop Functionality.

FIDIM Interactive
Interactive's "MeatierLottoJist" for Macintosh keep track of your state's lotteries, view statistics, and use wheels and filters to help you in the futile pursuit of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money.

Gail Howard's Smart Luck
Gail Howard's are the only lottery systems that have actualy won millions of dollars for dozens of people. Visit for a FREE system that WON $15 MILLION.

G.A.T. Prediction Engine
Anastasios Tampakis has invented one of the few real lotto number prediction tools available to the public at a reasonable price for a one year subscription. A demo is available that does not display picks, but does give the stats on how those blanked out picks did against the draw. Try the demo against your favorite game and see what G.A.T. can do for you.

The Generator
highly regarded Lottery number selector software that generates tickets for lotteries around the world. Lottery players can select to have this program pick numbers for them or have a better chance at winning by using it's suggested numbers. Amazing statistics that reveal clear patterns and trends for each lottery ball also assist players in picking their own numbers to play. Tickets are always generated from any choice a player makes.

How to win PICK 3 Lotteries
The Classic now available as an E-Book. Improve your odds by learning the five Golden Rules! Learn some simple PICK 3 Systems... Learn how to reduce the numbers to pick to get the most out of your money. Get your questions answered: Is it possible to predict lottery numbers? How do you pick the winning numbers?

Free downloadable software. The most casino-realistic video keno game. First comprehensive analysis tool for keno, with real casino schedules. Free tournaments with cash prizes.

Loto Excel Universal
is a new generation product applied to all the lotteries throughout the world drawing six numbers and a bonus. Thanks to its optimized search engine of combinations (adapted to any type of lotto) , Loto Excel Universal is above all the guarantee to have an unequalled depth for statistics on the lotteries.

Lottery Blitz
Free lottery analysis program designed for all Australian lotto games. No timer, no trial version, it's FREE and it just works. Please note, that you must have MS Excel with Macros enabled (no open office) already installed before you can use Lottery Blitz. The Lottery Blitz website is gone so we now link to a archived version. The download still works. You may get the message not to download or downloading is a risk because this file isn't downloaded very often, disregard and push on through. It's on the archive, it's clean.

Lottery Cracker 2
This program will help you pick numbers for most 6/49 lotteries around the world. By using built in artificial intelligence to analyse previous draws for patterns and then adding small random variations to these results, Lottery Cracker! will attempt to predict the numbers that are most likely to come up next week.

Lottery Cracker World
New version of Lottery Cracker 2 handles most lottery games of various sizes. It is is designed to help you to play a wide range of lotteries around the world, including US Megaball, US Powerball, UK Lotto, UK Thunderball, UK Daily Play, Canada Lotto 6/49, Canada Atlantic 49, Irish Lotto and many more. Analyses lottery results and picks the best entries for you. Features astrology and numerology, and estimates your level of luck based on biorhythms. Lottery Cracker programs are now free, click the order/registration button to be taken to the free codes page.

Lottery Director
Includes lottery software with over 800 Lotto wheels, updated Lotto game results, and Lotto wheeling freeware. Complete Game Tracking with over 110 screens. Plus, make your own Custom wheels automatically. Powerful Filtering. (site is gone link goes to archived copy free downloads were working as of June 2013) Filter combinations Automatically with one click. Or, use Custom filters with Previews of your prize chances. Prints the 'marks' directly onto the playslips, on a compatible printer plus, you can create your own new playslip layouts for new games. Compare your game against other games ... with one mouse click. See how your game is different from other games. See when and where your numbers have won in any game ... and Much More. Full information at this fully archived site where downloads still worked at last check.

Lottery Genie
A system that increases your ability to win consistently.

Win The Lottery Before Your Play and Max Hits Pro. We believe this products to be abandonware, unlimited demo download of fifty systems still works.

Lottery Picker
The Lottery Picker is a lottery software tool made specific for Powerball and Mega Millions by McCracken Software. Get The Lottery Picker now.

Lottery Software on eBay
This link provides a look at lottery programs currently available on eBay.

Lottery Super System
Lottery Super System is packed with power strategies specifically designed to beat the lotto and lottery. Based on Prof. Jones Gold and Platinum lotto and lottery systems, and now fully upgraded, expanded and modernized for today’s games, Lottery Super System is the most powerful arsenal of winning programs ever developed. This is not physical software one downloads, it exists online, you access it on the website. Simple systems are free, more in depth analysis is available by subscription.

Lottery System X
"Lottery System X is the best software and lottery program for winning the UK lottery." Version 2 now available which is very flexible. It can be set up for any 4 to 10 ball lottery covering from 10 to 99 numbers and can be used on many lotteries around the world.

Lotteryhelp brings you exciting new developments in lottery analysis and forecasting. Offers 8 and 49 optimal line plans for the UK 6/49 and randomness testing software.

Is a multiple featured Lotto software. It combines lotto combinations creating with lottery ticket printing facilities. Powerful tool which prepares your winning combination and print your lotto tickets. Designed for the beginner in mind but powerful enough for the most enthusiastic lotto players,LottoAlly is extremely easy to use.

Lotto Architect
Lotto Architect offers powerful methods and techniques for playing the lottery. Featuring - full draw data histories; filtering by number groups and simply applied statistical evaluation systems; all stage back testing and verification; an exceptional management of wheels (covering designs) with database support; accurate algorithms applying to rejection filters and prediction of numbers to come at the next draw - all of which offer the user a 'best chance' of reward in their preferred lottery. Lotto Architect provides a fully integrated approach and has all that is required for you to effectively manage your lotto interests.

Lotto Link System
Do You Wonder Why You Never Win Lotto? While Many Who Bought My Unique 30 Minute System Are Winning Right Now?Over 4,500 copies sold ! 80.3% success rate. See for yourself. Ask me how to increase your chances to WIN Lotto! -- Discover how 2 Million Dollar Man and his 12 year-old Lotto System won an Australian couple $281,000.00. Get wins 80% of games. This System works on all lotto games worldwide that have from 5 to 7 balls and up to 59 numbers. Over 7,500 copies sold. Easy steps, everyone can do in 30 minutes. Fast support and answers. Proven system visit now:

Lotto-Logic Professional
Lotto Logic Pro is a number-picking analyzer for lotteries. It allows selections of numbers (from those hit often to those that seldom win) as well as quick picks and personal choices. Enter results to build the database and update the frequency tables and information for the Range Finder to calculate the best possible range of past draws. PowerBall and games with up to 10 selections are supported or 8 selections with up to two bonus numbers. Online, context-sensitive help is available, as are printing and data saving.

Lotto PowerPlayer Ultimate
Supports more than 18 countries regions lotteries (United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia etc.). We update all the lotteries drawings everyday.

Lotto Power Player for Pick 3/4
Supports more than 100 lotteries for the United States daily pick 3, pick 4, works with all pick 3, pick 4 numbers.

PowerPlayer For Prediction
Can help you prediction next drawings. Analyze previous drawings, prediction next drawings. It is not random, use PowerPlayer For Prediction, with minimum of put into and acquire biggest repay.

Lotto Pro
Take the guesswork out of picking numbers with this lottery software! Unlike many other lottery programs that simply generate random numbers, Lotto Pro 2014 picks the best numbers to play based on a statistical analysis of previous drawings. The numbers that the program picks are called Smart numbers. When you play Smart numbers, there is no need for you to analyze any statistical information. Lotto Pro helps you to play the lottery with control, not guesswork. aka = Lotto Players BBS, Win Lotto Pro, Windows Lotto Pro.

Lotto Sorcerer
Lottery number analysis and prediction software, using advanced statistical analysis and artificial intelligence (neural network) techniques, for Macintosh and Windows.

Lil Lotto Help... excel spread sheet systems for Pick-3 and other games. Now on the web archive, zip file downloads still working.

Lotto Tracker II
Greatly increase your chance to win the lottery. For Mac and Windows.

If you can't win the lottery, then change its rules. (100 % legal !) Today, you can have a ticket that's certain to match the first 2 winning numbers in tomorrow's draw. That ticket is 3 or 4 steps away to hit big.

LottoWhiz 2000 PRO
Lottery Software for the smart player. All major US and most International Lotteries, Unlimited Wheeling Systems, Number Analysis, Ticket Printing.

Lotwin Lottery Line Builder
is a feature packed lotto program offering an extensive and unmatched range of tools to the serious lottery player. It easily outperforms competing products with it's powerful Lottery Line Builder Engine, statistical lotto analysis capability and entry manipulation features. Click now to try the full version free for your lotto.

Lucky Day
Patented Lucky Days Astrology Software for Gambling, Daily Horoscopes and making Astrological Predictions. Free until 2004.

Max Hit Pro
Dozens of lottery systems with winning numbers - WIN the lottery BEFORE you play. We believe this product is abandonware, demo still works.

Magayo Lottery Software
By researching the lottery game, you can effectively improve your odds by eliminating those lottery numbers that are unlikely to be drawn in the next draw. By adopting our winning lottery strategy, you can significantly improve your chances of winning the lottery.

Maybell Quick Wheeler
Free lottery program makes Straight and Boxed wheels of all sizes for Pick-3 and Pick-4 and full wheels for Pick-5 and Pick-6. This is a zipped download.

In Spanish: Programas de quinielas, quinigol, euromillones, primitiva, bonoloto, quintuple plus, quiniela, 1x2 y loto en general. Reducciones de combinaciones al 13, al 12, al 11 y al 10.

Program Five
Professional software that helps you to win at Lotto, Powerball, Keno, 6/49, Daily, Fantasy, Toto, Loto, Primitiva, Lottery, Quiniela, Loteria, and all the other National Lottery games over the World.

Free download of several interesting 649 perm maker filter software for lotto. No wheels, makes filtered combinations, think smart Quick Picks.

Lottery software and lottery information. Quality lottery tools for both the casual and serious lotto, keno, pick-3 and pick-4 player. (site closed May 1st, 2014 archived copy)

Wheel Generator
Wheel Generator is the ultimate tool for generating dynamic wheels to accommodate your needs! Select your numbers, the guarantee(s) you want to achieve and the filters you want your wheel to satisfy and let the program construct a wheel with the desired properties! This is the most advanced program ever created to generate dynamic wheels! Wheel Generator is maybe the most famous covering construction program, being in action since the beginning of 2005, since it has managed to improve many of the current World Record rating coverings and continues doing so! This exceptional program now becomes even more powerful and comes closer to the regular lotto player's everyday needs with this public release! A must have in your lottery programs arsenal to assist in playing better tickets... If you have the numbers, Wheel Generator will put them into play...

WinLotto 2000
Lottery software for every player. Enhance your chances to win.

Win A Lotto v.3.4
Fixed It Software's Win A Lotto is a lottery application for Windows 95/98/NT(tm). Win A Lotto supports pick 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 lotteries including games with up to 3 bonus numbers. Included are more than 100 predefined wheeling tables and more than 60 databases from the US and other nations.

Windows Lotto Pro
Take the guesswork out of picking numbers with this lottery software! Unlike many other lottery programs that simply generate random numbers, Lotto Pro 2014 picks the best numbers to play based on a statistical analysis of previous drawings. The numbers that the program picks are called Smart numbers. When you play Smart numbers, there is no need for you to analyze any statistical information. Windows Lotto Pro helps you to play the lottery with control, not guesswork. aka = Lotto Players BBS, Win Lotto Pro, Windows Lotto Pro.

WinHunter AI
WIN Hunter Ai is an innovative lottery analysis tool used for predicting future drawings. I have been working several years on this software and am still working on it. Andrew Reed. WIN Hunter is written in VB 6.0, and is being released under the GNU open-source licensing for public source code. Which means the source code is included with the executable download! WINHunter is written primarily for lottery games with high odds and large jackpots. Prediction results will depend upon the settings for each individual drawing history. Please keep that in mind when running WINHunter. Please note WinHunter is served on SourceForge so download files tend to be surrounded by ad files made look like they are the files to be downloaded for WinHunter, look to the folder marked FILES that's the drill down to location. Each file will take time to queue up when selected. One successful user on LP said to be using a HP Xeon 12 core workstation together with 96 gb of ram which is rather affordable refurbished on ebay these days. He advised to ignore the Ai and use the regular functions.

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Lotto Pro

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