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As published in LottoWorld Magazine.

If you enjoy the excitement of playing Pick-3 and Pick-4 Lottery Games, you will want to add Power Trails to your bag of tricks. Experienced Lottery players always play several systems at the same time, playing most on paper and one in actuality. Victory shifts from system to system and one needs to know which is strengthening and which is fading away.
The popularity of Pick-3 & 4 is due to the comparatively low odds and high payoff. In Lotto, the prize for three correct numbers varies from nothing, a free ticket or $3.50 to $5.00. In Lottery's Pick-3 boxed, three correct numbers pays $40 for $.50 and if picked straight, in the same order as drawn, pays $250 for $.50. If played Straight and Boxed for $1 the total prize would be $290.
In Pick-4 boxed, four correct numbers in any order, pays $100 for $.50 and if picked straight, in the same order as drawn, pays $2,500 for $.50. If played Straight/Boxed for $1 the total prize would be $2,600.
In most states, the prizes are fixed at these amounts per play. A few less sporting states are pari-mutuel, which means they lower the prize value if many people win with the same number. The best way to deal with Daily Number games is to work with the numbers being drawn now. This means using a spread of recent drawing history from as few as six to as many as eighteen past drawings.
Count up how often each individual digit has been drawn within the spread of History you choose to work with. Write how many times each digit has been drawn next to that digit and arrange them in order of which has won most often.
If two or more digits have each hit the same number of times, put the oldest of them, first. Last Seven Drawings from Oldest to Newest ...
Examples from FL PICK-3 09/01/94 to 09/07/94
08/29/1994 9-4-0 08/30/1994 3-5-8 08/31/1994 2-9-4
09/01/1994 7-7-3 09/02/1994 6-0-8 09/03/1994 0-6-7 09/04/1994 6-3-8 09/05/1994 0-2-3 09/06/1994 1-7-5 09/07/1994 3-5-3
Drawn Digits 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 Times Drawn 3-1-1-5-0-2-3-4-2-0 Convert to digits in order of most winning draws. Letter Code A B C D E F G H I J Drawn Digits 3-7-6-0-8-5-2-1-9-4 Times Drawn 5-4-3-3-2-2-1-1-0-0
POWER POWER TRAILS TRAILS A 3 / \ / \ B C 7 6 / \ / \ / \ / \ D E F 0 8 5 / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ G H I J 2 1 9 4
SUGGESTED SETS PICK-3 SUGGESTED SETS PICK-4 LETTER CODE = #'S LETTER CODE = #'S A-B-D = 3-7-0 A-B-D-G = 3-7-6-5 A-C-F = 3-6-5 A-C-F-J = 3-8-1-4 B-D-G = 7-0-2 A-B-E-I = 3-7-0-9 B-E-I = 7-8-9* A-C-E-H = 3-8-0-2 C-E-H = 6-8-1 *The Winning FL PICK-3 Number C-F-J = 6-5-4 For 09/08/94 was 9-8-7 = B-E-I
POWER TRAILS takes you on a Semi-Random Power Walk through the rated history you select. POWER TRAILS gives extra weight to the strongest digits, while playing all digits at least once. While no system can guarantee a win, a good system can improve your chances, over a range of drawings.


"Power Trails" is a simple effective lottery system for the Pick-3 and 4 games. When the article I authored appeared in the April 1995 issue of LottoWorld magazine Volume 3 No.4, I received a number of messages thanking me with comments and suggestions.
The original "Power Trails" suggested working with a week's worth of past drawings. Counting the number of times each digit was drawn and listing them in their ranked order under the letters A - J. In the case where digits are drawn the same number of times, put the oldest drawn first. Replace the letters with their corresponding numbers on the chart below and play the resulting patterns.
A PICK-3 PICK-4 / \ A-B-D A-B-D-G B C A-C-F A-C-F-J / \ / \ B-D-G A-B-E-I D E F B-E-I A-C-E-H / \ / \ / \ C-E-H G H I J C-F-J
Pick-3 and 4 lottery players suggested you watch for the opportunity to try the following.
Instead of counting up the digits daily, do it once a week and play the same sets for seven days. Use more than seven past games, try 10, 14 or 21 days for the count up.
In the case where two or more digits were drawn the same numbers of times, instead of putting the oldest first, try the newest first.
In several games, players won more often with the digits run through the "Power Trails" chart in reversed order. Using A for the coldest digit instead of the Hottest.
There has also been a number of hits found in the smaller triangles found within the larger. ie. A-B-C, B-D-E, B-C-E, C-E-F, D-G-H, D-H-E, E-H-I, E-I-F and F-I-J. Watch what happens in your game and adjust your method of play accordingly.
Pick-3 games often run 15, 30, 45 even 60 days where one method is best, then reverse themselves so that which was Hot becomes the new Cold, etc. Good fishing spots become "fished out," keep watching for new ones to develop.
Triples, ie. 7-7-7 are often a signal patterns are about to change. These are days when it may be better not to play at all. Money saved is just as good as money won and could change you from a break even player to a profit player.
Good Luck to you. Lotto-Logix
Tip of the hat to Larry G. and Rick G. of Maybell.com fame for the following addition . . .
Posted by LARRY G. on Feb-15-02 6:04pm
I use a number of different systems... we will do this one together. I like this one because you will be using all 10 numbers. A lot of times it will give you a long-shot number straight. I would say this system will give you a hit once every 7 to 10 days. Front pair & Back pair frequently.
The system: A B C D E F G H I J
The letters above represent the order we will place our numbers under. Looking atYOUR STATES graph page you will determine which numbers are hot...from the hottest to the coldest. If you really get into it..do it backwards.
For now I will assign numbers to the above Letters.
A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J 3 2 4 6 8 9 5 7 1 0 FROM HOT TO COLD. YESTERDAYS EXAMPLE: 9 5 2 3 4 6 0 7 8 1 0 9 2 3 6 5 4 7 8 1
NOW UNDER THE LETTERS ABOVE YOU WILL PLACE YOUR NUMBERS ABD =326 953 093 ABE =328 954 096 ABG =325 950 094 ABI =321 958 098 ACJ =340 921 021 ACE =348 924 026 ACF =349 926 025 ACH =347 927 027 BDG =265 530 934 BEH =287 547 967 X CEI =481 248 268 CFJ =490 261 250 BEI =281 548 968 CEH =487 247 267
Test number 2.. assign numbers to the following: ABD..ACF..BDG..BEI..CEH..CFJ
Posted by Rick G. on Feb-16-02 12:52pm
As LARRY G. mentioned, I have dabbled with Power Trails before and want to pass on a couple of observations I made. It's a great system and I would recommend it to anyone. It get's a lot of straight hits. Like LARRY G., I found a short history works best. I was using 12 draws. The most productive 'letters' were in the following formats:
For 2 picks: ABC-CDE
For 5 picks: ABC-ABD-ACD-BCD-CDE
For 10 picks, box A-C-D-E-H or A-B-C-D-E
For 20 picks, box A-C-D-E-H-J
When arranging my A through J, I went from hottest to coldest, ties going to least recently played.
I found the letter 'H' to come in most often.
I hope this helps a Power Trail player somewhere!

Power Trails is now available as an excel file.

Power Trails excel instruction txt Power Trails Instructions

Power Trails excel xl file download zip Power Trails Workout XL

Power Trails excel data files zip Power Trails Data Files

Power Trails excel data files updated zip Power Trails Updated Files 1

Power Trails excel data files updated zip Power Trails Updaded Files 2

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