The Incredible Pick-3 Keypad System

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Here are the Keypad System patterns. You will find they have numerous hits around the country on any given day.

The Keypad System only works on days all different digits are drawn (0-1-2) and does not work when double (0-2-2) or triples (2-2-2) are drawn. You are advised not to play The Keypad System on days doubles or triples are due.

This is the standard computer keypad, your keypad should look something like this . . .


These are the winning keypad patterns:

Corners 16 numbers Upper Left (7854) 7-8-5 8-5-4 5-4-7 4-7-8 Upper Right (8965) 8-9-6 9-6-5 6-5-8 5-8-9 Lower Left (4521) 4-5-2 5-2-1 2-1-4 1-4-5 Lower Right (5632) 5-6-3 6-3-2 3-2-5 2-5-6

V's 8 numbers Left V's 7-5-1 8-4-2 Upper V's 7-5-9 4-8-6 Right V's 9-5-3 8-6 2 Lower V's 1-5-3 4-2-6

Bent L's 16 numbers Left L's 7-8-6 4-5-9 4-5-3 1-2-6 Upper L's 7-4-2 8-5-1 8-5-3 9-6 2 Right L's 9-8-4 6-5-7 6-5-1 3-2-4 Lower L's 1-4-8 2-5-7 2-5-9 3-6-8

Horizontal 3 numbers Across 7-8-9 4-5-6 1-2-3

Vertical 3 numbers Down 7-4-1 8-5-2 9-6-3

Criss Cross 2 numbers Criss 1-5-9 Cross 7-5-3

With the Zero Down 4-1-0 5-2-0 Corner 1-2-0 L 6-3-0 3-2-0

There you have the keypad patterns, fifty-three in all. Compare the keypad patterns to any month of your Pick-3 game's history and you will find multiple winning hits every time.


Yes this system is amazing, as good as any tic-tac-toe system you will ever buy, as good as any Pick-3 system you are likely to find. So maybe I should let you in on a little secret ...

This kind of system is a fantasy. Oh it wins all right, it wins as well as any system I've tested. The trouble is, it returns roughly fifty cents for every dollar you play.

That's right, a good system like this plays right at house odds, you win the maximum the state gaming commission expects you to average. And it does win, not enough to make a profit or break even, but it isn't one of those trashy systems where it seems like you never win.

So what's the answer? System sellers would say you must make a considered intelligent choice to play or not play some of the patterns. These choices you make will determine whether you win or lose on days when the complete system would have won. Trouble is, there is no valid reason to reject any of the patterns.

How would you make these choices? Lucky guess comes to mind, others might suggest filtering, pulling out numbers based on sum or favoring odd or even digits depending on the previous draw's leaning and opposing that.

No matter how you slice it, the system goes from a guaranteed half return on investment to a lucky guess system like one of those games where you pull out pieces of wood until the whole structure collapses.

So is there a way to really win at Pick-3, to beat the state often enough to make a car payment or send the kids off to college without living on macaroni and cheese?

Well let me tell you about The Only Way to Win Pick-3 [Click Me]

Keypad system is provided for adult entertainment purposes only, no guarantee or warranty of success is made or implied no refunds will be granted. User assumes all risk of loss. The lottery is a negative expectation random gambling game that can not be predicted, user acknowledges this statement by using the system.

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