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Mathematical Genius Cracks Lottery Code !!!

Let me tell you about this amazing discovery. I was headed for the orient express lane at the Hong Kong market in lower Pudunk when I fell over an old Gypsy woman. As I was helping her up, I mentioned I was there to buy some lottery tickets and fortune cookies.

I was sure the old sea hag was going to curse me, but instead she offered to show me how to win the lottery.

As she quickly sketched out the secret to winning the lottery on the back of a paper napkin, I thought OH WOW this is it !!! So simple a mere child of three could do it, pure genius !!!

She told me she was the last witch from a long line of witches with no one to pass this secret formula to win the lottery on to. Because of my kindness by helping her up she was rewarding me with the secret formula to win lotto everywhere.

When I got home I tested her way to win lotto and did my eyes get big !!!

It was then I realized my wallet was missing.

Do you believe in witches?

Do you believe in fake math professors?

Do you believe in loopy systems from down under?

Been there, done that? Tried the rest, tried the best and lost your shirt anyway?

Lotto Tiger not a cheatah

My name is Robert Perkis and I am the owner and webmaster of one of the top ten lottery information sites on the web.

Here at Lotto-Logix we have always strived to bring you the most logical systems and strategies for winning the lottery at little or no cost to you.

Now that times are getting tougher, I've noticed an increase in poorly crafted lottery systems, as if the author wrote the ad before he wrote the system and probably didn't test it.

Not only do we have an increase in crappy systems. Some have been stolen from legitimate lottery authors. Pages copied and pasted into little more than electronic pamphlets and resold.

You know, I hate to say it, but even books by well known and respected lottery authors have some major flaws that prevent lottery players from winning. Some of these flaws show up in their lottery software as well.

Did you know there are mistakes you could be making that will prevent you from having any chance to win a jackpot in 99 out of 100 draws?

I'm not talking about the 10 mistakes most lottery players make, those are about not having to share the prize. I'm talking about fatal mistakes that prevent you from having any real chance to win a jackpot what-so-ever in 99 out of 100 draws.

Win Lotto Take A Nice Vacation

The final straw was reading the lottery section in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, where it opines there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of winning lotto. Wikipedia will not allow anyone to rework this section, their editors quickly remove all such attempts.

I decided the time had come for a serious book on how to improve your chances of winning the lottery. Not one of those books written for "entertainment purposes only," but a real book with solid suggestions to send math professors scurrying back to their books and give lottery directors a migraine.

Over the years I've crafted a vast collection of lottery information. It was only recently many of these isolated tips and tricks began to coalesce into a coherent whole.

In 2008 I began putting it all together as an intended upgrade to Lotto-Logix. New articles, systems, strategies, wheels, etc.

Well, it soon turned into a massive project almost as large as another Lotto-Logix. My friends started telling me I'd invested way too much for all that information to be free.

We began to explore other options. A password protected subscription area with billing and secret logins. "That is not what Lotto-Logix is all about." I repeatedly said.

Ebooks were first rejected because so many are just plain annoying. Little pages the reader pretends to turn in a graphic image of a book on the computer screen. How sad is that?

We considered publishing a print book, only to learn Print On Demand is over $600.00 to get started.

Forced to examine ebooks again I embarked on a journey to find the best ebook software that wouldn't read like the typically annoying ebook. I tried many, bought the best.

Win Lotto Buy A Nice Car

What this ebook maker does is take working web pages and compiles them into an exe that opens and views just like a web site on your home computer without being connected to the internet.

As our pages were already prepared for upgrading Lotto-Logix I hit upon the idea of making everything viewable as both a web site and as a downloadable ebook.

The only catch is, our ebook only works in conjunction with Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9 and Firefox 2/3 with Java enabled for some of our coolest features like Wheeling Automatica.

Sorry to say, I have a pretty good idea nothing will happen if you don't have Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9 or Firefox 2/3 as your primary browser so don't go for the book if that's the case, or you may find yourself limited to reading Win Your Lottery in the online web site format only.

What's in the book? Here's the . . .

Table of Contents

A Brief History of the Lottery
Pick-3 Amazing Short Systems
Pick-3 Daily Doubles Strategy
Pick-3 Boxed Chart
Pick-3 Straight Chart
Pick-4 Boxed Chart
Pick-4 Straight Chart
Pick-3 Breakdown System
Pick-3 Group Breakdown System
Pick-3 Lotto Dojo 2 in 8 System (with how to make one).
Pick-3 Lotto Dojo II If You Can Pick One Number (with both parts)
Pick-3 Power Trails
Pick-3/4 The Scientific Method
Pick-5 Odds of Winning Numbers
Pick-6 Odds of Winning Numbers
Pick-7 Odds of Winning Numbers
Bob's Boxes for All Games
Money Matters
Printable Charts
Probability of Number Groups
Random Number Picker
Results and State Lottery Web Sites
Scratch Offs The Scratcher Games
Wheeling Odds Calculator
What's It All About?
Why We Lose Part One
Why We Lose Part Two
When Filtering Wheels
Wheel Construction (How to make key, group, pair, pivot, wheels)
Wheeling Automatica (We load your wheel for you)
Win Your Lottery (Contains 6 how to chapters)
Win The Lottery 2002 version bonus

Wheeling Automatica

Plus we provide a copy of CoverMaster you don't have to request the password for, thanks to John Rawson the author. And a copy of the Maybells Quik Wheeler that makes all kinds of Pick-3/4 wheels and Full wheels.

"Where are all the fake testimonials?" you ask. How about some real reviews from lottery players just like you on Click Here. After you read the book, please cast your own vote in the LotteryPost poll. (Polls have closed, but you can view the results.)

Win Your Lottery could be the most important lottery book you ever read. It could be the only lottery book you ever need to have in your collection.

Why this book isn't exactly free: Book is Free with Donation

Not only did we have to lay out for the ebook compiler we had to purchase independent web hosting to handle the five megs of download bandwidth for a book this size.

Besides, we've also learned most people have little or no respect for what they get free. When you pay good money for something you're less inclined to take a glance and walk away. Those who take the time to read this book will learn useful information and strategies applicable to winning their lottery.

Win Lotto Build An Interesting House click pic to read story

Ok ok, lottery is like a one room school house. If you've read all the information on Lotto-Logix and my posts on LotteryPost you already know maybe half of what's in this ebook. The other half is still well worth the price of admission.

After all, I do have to include some steps to where we are today or leave newbies behind. The book does assume you know something about playing the lottery and are familiar with as a resource.

How to get a copy of Win Your Lottery

You make a donation of $5.00 through PayPal in support of the Lotto-Logix web site.

When payment is complete you will be sent directly to the home page of Win Your Lottery. From there you will be able to download the book or view it as a web site. Be sure to bookmark the landing page by adding to your Favorites so you can visit it again and write it down. Note: no www. in the address.

Due to your security settings or popup blocker Paypal doesn't always transport to the book's landing page. If this happens send me an email as soon as possible, I try to check my email twice a day. Please give me at least 24 hours to respond. I will send you the link.

If there are problems or you need to email me, please make sure your email host will accept email from because I can't deal with rejection.

You have no idea how sad it is to read someone's email asking again for a reply when my reply has just bounced back from their email host for the second time.

Don't worry, our only interest is the lottery. We don't use your name or sell it, we're in it with you to win. We use your donation to help cover the expense of bringing all this to you. Get the book, you won't find a better one.

Good luck to you. Robert Perkis

Win Your Lottery Book Cover

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