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Lotto-Logix's Pick-3 Lotto Dojo

by Robert Perkis

Hello: If you found your way here, you must be one of the rare 15% willing to try something new, congratulations!

Welcome to the Pick-3 Lotto Dojo. Instruction will soon begin in the secret technique of anything goes Pick-3 play. Join me as we travel the various paths to winning . . .

Been there, done that? Lost thousands? Same here and I have the Tee shirt to prove it. Everyone has a system, some sell dozens and who can blame them, something ought to work so they keep inventing them.

Well for years I've given away the secret free, always considered it part of the basic knowledge every lottery player should have in their lotto tool kit.

Would you believe? I receive an offer in the mail to sell me the very same information I give away free for $99.00 from a fellow who claims to be "the best gambling mathematics expert today in the world!"

Here I am giving it away free and this guy has testimonials from people thanking him for selling them this incredible information. I never receive more than the occasional thank you note. Well, actually some people have wanted to thank me by offering thousands of dollars for having helped them to accomplish their lottery goals, (I accepted a case of beer) but that's another story.

At first I found it hard to believe people would actually pay $99.00 for what every lottery player should already know about beating Pick-3. Then I realized the State Lottery doesn't exactly print this information on the back of their play slips. Most Pick-3 players don't know about this secret and those that do may not have realized its winning potential.

What am I going on about?

Did you know that there are sets of 8 Pick-3 combinations that when the three digits are drawn all different will 100% guarantee you will always have at least 2 of the 3 winning digits in one of the combinations?

They look something like this set:

  • 0-2-4
  • 0-3-8
  • 1-5-7
  • 1-6-7
  • 1-7-9
  • 2-3-8
  • 3-4-8
  • 5-6-9

    Think about this for a moment. There are three ways the numbers can be drawn: A triple 2-2-2, a double 1-2-2 and all different 1-2-3. If you follow the game you must know the drawing of all different combinations comes out most often.

    Do you know what it means to always have at least two digits correct in at least one combination when all different is drawn? It means the odds have dropped to only 1 in 8 of a box win! You already have 2 of the 10 numbers, there are only 8 possible numbers remaining to take the place of the third digit! Boxed odds of 220 to 1 drop to 1 in 8!

    If the odds are 1 in 8, the law of thirds tells us you might have a winner one third of the time within the first 8 draws of all different in which case you make a profit. Or your winner might come in the mid range draws 8 to 16 out in which case you still make a profit provided you didn't play on days doubles or triples were drawn and double the bet. Worse case is no win at all in draws 1 to 16, but we can handle that by raising the amount we play until we win. Test the numbers against a year of past draws as if you were playing and you will see how to work it along to make a profit.

    Money management is simple, when we win we use the state's money to increase the amount we play on each combination. We let the state pay for increasing the amount we can win!

    Remember you are 100% guaranteed to have a box winner or at least 2 of the 3 digits every time all different digits are drawn. This is a mathematical fact the lottery can not escape and certainly won't tell you about.

    Would you like to have your own set of 8 personalized Pick-3 numbers that will always guarantee 2 of the 3 winning numbers every time all different are drawn? If so, here's how to get them.

    Write me Robert Perkis to say you want the 2in8 system (put it in the subject line). Include a hot box (three different digit) number from your game (a number that comes up fairly regular) the kind of number where you'd say, "Look there's 2-5-8 again, only this time it came up as 8-2-5." Tell me the State this system is for. I will build your free system around this number for you. And, if you have a favorite three different digit number you always play, let me know I might be able to work it into the system too. I'll send the system to you in my reply.

    You can win Pick-3!!!

    If you would like a customized set, tell me your State and its hottest three different digit number, ie: 6-7-8 and if you like your lucky favorite number and I will build the system around it. Don't worry I won't sell your name or anything.

    If we help you win big, you're welcome to buy us a beer, (six pack, case or keg) through Paypal below.

    Good Luck to You. Robert Perkis / Lotto-Logix

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