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Strategy for Winning FreeLotto and Other Single Ticket Games

by Robert Perkis / Lotto-Logix

If you're not playing the free lottery games, you should be.

The state run lottery games are hard to beat. The state does what it can to randomize the draws and they keep upping the odds by adding numbers to the game. Even so, they have a weak spot. The player decides how many numbers to put into play, the wheel to use and how many tickets to buy.

Some of the free lotto games have changed the rules and when the rules change, the strategy to win needs to change as well.

The toughest odds any lottery player faces is playing one lone ticket. The single ticket faces the entire odds of the game. If the game odds are 14 million to 1, your ticket has a one in 14 million chance to win, talk about a long shot.

Yet the simple act of buying two tickets cuts the odds in half and that makes a difference. 1 = 14, 2 = 7, 4 = 3.5, 8 = 1.75, 16 = .875. Wow only 16 tickets are needed to push 6/49 odds below a million to one.

A number of free lotto games (which happen to offer very nice prizes by the way) would rather not see your odds against winning cut into sixteenths or eights or fourths or even in half. They want to keep every ticket you play facing the toughest odds possible. This is why they only allow you one ticket per game per drawing!

Before we go into how to deal with this situation, let's see what you could be winning . . .

Freelotto banner

FreeLotto is the original and the best of the million dollar free lotto games. They began with a single 6/54 game and three free tickets per draw. However, they quickly learned and switched to four single ticket games and most recently added two more.

6/54 $1,000,000.00 Jackpot
6/42 Win a Car
6/47 Pay Off Your Mortgage
6/33 $10,000.00 FastCash
6/47 $100,000.00 Giveaway
7/50 $10,000,000.00 SuperBucks

Lucky Surf one game with a single ticket draw. 7/50 $1,000,000.00 Lucky Surf Million Dollar Lottery

iWon Holds a single daily draw 7/50 game with five prizes up to $70,000.00

Jackpot Hosts six daily single ticket lottery games very much like
$200,000.00 For a Dream House 6/69
$15,000.00 Win a Vacation 6/69
$1,000,000.00 Win a Million 6/69
$10,000.00 Pay off your credit card debts (up to)6/69
$25,000.00 Toward a New Car 6/69
$5,000,000.00 Win Five Million 7/77
When joining, if you normally don't allow cookies do so now or your choice as to what companies or topics to allow ads from will be ignored and you will receive unwanted spam from all.

Go Straight to the Lotto before the slot machine finishes loading play the slots later if you want. If you have an old computer or slow connection, as each new game pages opens in smaller size, click on the [X] and close the previous page before expanding the new page to full size for playing. Soon you'll get one of these . . .

"You won 25000 LuckyLoot for matching 3 numbers on Lotto! You have also been entered in the drawing for $50.00. If you are the winner you will be contacted via email by 11:59 P.M. (PST) Sep 25, 2002.
Robert, remember Lotto has GUARANTEED daily winners. Play all 6 Lotto games every day and win!
You may be required to provide additional information to for verification purposes, or for our tax reporting purposes. If you are required to provide additional information, a representative will contact you by either email or telephone within 10 business days. reserves the right to independently verify the information you have provided. International players may not be eligible to win some prizes. For the most updated and accurate information, please see the official rules and then click on the help section.
Once again, congratulations and keep playing!"

These games are the best of the single ticket games, they are relatively fast and easy to play. There are others you might find interesting, like Grab's one billion dollar game, but they will have their flaws. Some actually offer and expect you to play once an hour, offering 24 tickets in a day, set your alarm? Uh-huh.

So, what do you do when the only way to improve your odds in a lottery game is to buy more tickets and you're only allowed one ticket per draw?

The trick is to stand things on their head.

The Strategy: Is to play the same combination in as many games as possible especially those that offer one ticket per draw.

In this way, all the drawings will be trying to match your ticket and by doing so are reducing the odds for you, same as if you were playing more tickets in a typical game. Your odds of winning in one of these games are improved dramatically by playing the same combination in all of them, day after day.

Of course we're not talking about the ticket your grandmother plays, the one with all the birthdays.

Make up one ideal ticket to fit the majority of the games shown above using eight to ten numbers. A good example might look like this: 03-08-15-18-24-25-33-42-47-54 where you play from your largest number possible down, to put a multitude of the same numbers onto as many tickets as possible.

The ideal ticket should have a fair balance; between low and high numbers; (2/4,3/3,4/2) between odd and even numbers; two numbers with the same last digit ie: 24, 54, two neighboring numbers ie: 24-25; a range between the lowest and highest number played of roughly two thirds the size of the game ie: 6/49 a range of 36 numbers 1-36, 7-42, 14-49, etc. Two of the numbers add up to equal a third number. One number a double digit ie: 11,22,33,44. Two numbers that mirror each other ie: 24-42. Not that your ticket has to have all of these factors, look and see what's to be found in the games' win results.

If possible, play fresh combinations every day. It may sound crazy, but as if they recorded your numbers and put them on a list not to be picked, I never do as well with the same numbers on the second day. Weird eh?

If you have trouble doing this for yourself, grab a free copy of Lottery Cracker (free downloads version 2) Lottery Cracker it has a routine that makes eight balanced tickets for a 6/49 game, do several runs, pick one line from the eight for your ideal ticket and add additional numbers as necessary. Or use a simple setting such as 3/3 odd/even and click [GO] until you get lines that fit the game sizes. I don't suggest you play this way in your state lottery game, but it is the way to go in these single ticket draw games.

You can also use CoverMaster Timed Random to pick combinations using a setting of 2if2of6 or 7, if experienced with this wheel software.

Here is an example of two good days at using Lottery Cracker set only for Odd/Even Balance building a set of numbers with line that fit the games, do you do as well?

FreeLotto Winning Draw Results for September 2, 2002
$1,000,000.00 Jackpot 23 9 19 33 21 39     
Win a Car 41 33 40 25 7 24     
Pay Off Your Mortgage 14 2 29 26 46 8     
$10,000.00 FastCASH 28 24 11 17 15 13     
$100,000.00 Giveaway 22 21 34 47 7 37     
$10,000,000.00 SuperBucks 40 42 19 35 18 20 2
Your FreeBets for September 2, 2002
$1,000,000.00 Jackpot 05 06 28 34 35 47    0/6 Play again today!
Win a Car 03 07 24 33 38 41    4/6 Play again today!
Pay Off Your Mortgage 02 14 15 21 22 25    2/6 Play again today!
$10,000.00 FastCASH 01 10 11 12 23 29    1/6 Play again today!
$100,000.00 Giveaway 08 09 13 26 30 31    0/6 Play again today!
$10,000,000.00 SuperBucks 18 19 20 28 32 43 46 3/7 Play again today!

FreeLotto Winning Draw Results for September 7, 2002
$1,000,000.00 Jackpot 28 1 52 9 44 36     
Win a Car 5 38 36 32 12 41     
Pay Off Your Mortgage 31 35 27 12 9 38     
$10,000.00 FastCASH 18 33 28 7 23 11     
$100,000.00 Giveaway 24 13 40 43 26 35     
$10,000,000.00 SuperBucks 5 34 2 38 26 30 23
Your FreeBets for September 7, 2002
$1,000,000.00 Jackpot 09 14 19 28 36 43    3/6 $1.00
Win a Car 11 12 16 20 23 31    1/6 Play again today!
Pay Off Your Mortgage 02 13 15 29 30 40    0/6 Play again today!
$10,000.00 FastCASH 03 10 17 18 21 24    1/6 Play again today!
$100,000.00 Giveaway 01 04 26 37 41 46    1/6 Play again today!
$10,000,000.00 SuperBucks 05 07 22 34 38 40 45 3/7 Play again today!
Good luck to you.
Robert Perkis

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