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Download lottery software. Lotto-Logix's downloads are restricted to one download at a time so if it is busy try again later, and you must use your browser's downloader as I've been told GetRight won't work. The dos programs will run just fine in windows. After you unzip the program to a directory and run any setup it offers, if it doesn't fill the screen or has other problems: Open the directory from the Windows Run Line [Browse] right click on the .exe or .bat and then on properties. Click on the last catagory and put a check in the [X] for Full Screen. This will create a PIF icon to run the program, from now on start the program by clicking on the PIF icon or you can link the PIF icon to the program's name on your Program column or Desktop. Harder to explain then to do. In most cases I do not recommend installing a demo if you already have a working version of the software unless the author says otherwise, as the demo may block higher functions of your original even if installed on a different drive letter.

AmFilter a small dos program to apply filters to all the numbers.

Lottery Cracker Free download of version 2 makes eight tickets covering 48 numbers.

Lotto Challenger One of the ten best programs ever for Pick-5 and Pick-6.

LottoMan Scott Piels Lotto World Magazine's Mr. Lucky's own LottoMan Shareware copy.

Lottostat a small dos wheel testing program for Pick-5 and Pick-6.

Lottomatic a small windows lottery program finds hot numbers and wheels them.

Lottery Director Professional Free trial version, check it out!

Lotto Logic 2000 Professional Free trial version 2.3mb win95/98.

Lotto Numbers Generators freeware and shareware demos.

Lottery Tracker and Wheeler by EOL dos shareware edition.

Lottomizer Free UK Lottery 6/49 entry optimizer program by Peter Perkins.

Sigma Side Winder Dos P-3/4 sorts most to least by box hits extract to C:\Sigma dir.

Windows Lotto Pro by Data Solutions 2.0mb win95/98/2002.

Win Hunter Freeware advanced lottery filter designer and number predictor.

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