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From: GH
Full-name: GailHoward
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 21:59:44 EDT
Subject: The most outrageous lottery scam yet!! Paul Connor a.k.a. Johnathan Nash
To: RP

Look at this lying, cheating scandalous creep. Paul Connor claims he won millions yet he swiped five of my winners' testimonials and even their name s!!!
Marion Cornelius, Alberta M. Worth, Thomas J. McGill, Will Richey and William
J. Jenkins.

THIS SHOULD BE POSTED ON EVERY LOTTERY BULLETIN BOARD AND CHAT ROOM! The full stories with photos have been on my website for years! What a nerve! Now he has changed his name from Paul Conner to Johnathan Nash -- and changed his photo, too, but STILL USES FIVE OF MY JACKPOT WINNERS!!!

Here is another site exposing the Paul Connor lottery system scam Paul Connor Scan Artist

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From: Jason Bass a.k.a Johnathan Nash a.k.a Paul Connors a.k.a. Gambling Mentors
Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dear fellow lotto player,

Let's be straight forward here:

No one can win at will the lottery!... There... I said it... That's why although I'm the master when it comes to {stealing} statistics, probability and every other {people's) secrets regarding lotto; I've won only $3,256,000 so far. And this is great news for you because people like you have won the other $54,211,000...

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"Before I won, I was hitting pretty close. I'd get four and then sometimes I'd get five. I hit three fives in one game using the same system twice. I played two complete systems when I won the $1,000,000 Jackpot. I'm still playing the lottery twice a week. Thank you so much for the Winning Lotto Strategies."

Marion Cornelius - Washington, US

"I Won The Power Ball Jackpot"

"It is my pleasure to write to you telling you that I have been fortunate in winning a Power ball Jackpot of $100,000 using your Winning Lotto Strategies. Johnatan, I have appreciated your help and above all a word of gratitude that words cannot express. I am eternally grateful to a new wonderful friend."

Alberta M. Worth - Oregon, US

"I won $340,708"

"Your system is awesome! Using your secret pattern I won $340,708 in the Illinois CASH-5 lottery. It took less than 30 days after I put your system into use. I made the front page of my neighbor-hood paper. It was a great feeling and I owe it all to you, Johnatan."

Thomas J. McGill - Illinois, US

"I've banked £789,870 In 20 Draws!"

"I'd been a fairly regular National Lottery player ever since it began back in '94; In 8 years I never won more than £200 total. I'm so impressed with the Winning Lotto Strategies because the numbers really do add up. In the last 20 draws I have won £789,870. That averages £39,490 every single draw!"

Neil Verlander - Worcestershire, UK

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James Holden - Wiltshire, UK

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Why can we deliver such a system that works anywhere and any game? Simple. Our secret pattern on how to choose the numbers does not depends upon the game variation.

In fact, all you need to know is the last 3 winning sequence of numbers on your lotto game. And then you're set to go.

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Karen White - Fife, UK

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"Within three months of using Winning Lotto Strategies, I have had four wins and $152,987 deposited into my account. People are now starting to take an interest when I talk about this secret pattern of choosing the numbers. It's not just about winning big but also about winning regularly."

Colin Mitchell - Boston, US

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Haukur Grondal - Reykjavik, Iceland

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"I just knew when I got your book that this was it. We won $1,190,932 by now. We are deeply appreciative to you and your Lotto system. I am convinced that it was all planned by God Almighty. You were that answer to our prayers.

Will Richey - California, US

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"When the UK National Lottery first started I joined a syndicate of 15 people and paid £5 a week to enter the Saturday draw. Over a period of 5 years I won NOTHING. Since joining the Winning Lotto Strategies – I have won an amazing £5,087 from my first lotto ticket. Most people play the lottery without using the secret pattern presented in Winning Lotto Strategies. I'm glad they do, because I win and they don't."

Maureen Bell - Surrey, UK

" Why Is Winning Lotto Strategies Working?
(When Others Are Not Worth Even
The Paper They're Printed On?) "

Winning Lotto Strategies is THE ONLY LOTTO METHOD that is based on our secret pattern for choosing the numbers that resulted from millions of computer simulations.

I know this may sound unbelievable but it's the truth... we identified a pattern using the type of algorithms that Google uses for its search engine.

The bad news is that this pattern does not predict all the winners 100% of the time. This is actually impossible because of the statistical noise factors that occur in the random number generator.

The good news is that according to our winnings (and to our clients' winnings), 7 out of 10 games that you will play using the numbers of this pattern... will be winners!

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Richard Paluch - Santa Barbara, CA

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Bill Hetchler - Dolan Springs, AZ

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"Well, I found your system online with a Google search.

The very first time using the secret pattern, I played one ticket with only 6 numbers. The rest is history. I've won with that ticket $17,990.

Not bad for a $1 investment. Next time I will put in $2.

I hope to win a lot more. Thanks!! :)"

Steve Andrews - Delaware, US

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Sebastian Trumph - Howell, New Jersey

"5 Numbers Make Me $51,920"

"On my 5th use of Winning Lotto Strategies, I hit 5 numbers in the Florida lotto and won $51,920. Before playing with Winning Lotto Strategies I won nothing. Great system. Highly recommended!

Matt Crab - Jacksonville, Florida


Before Letting You Have Winning Lotto Strategies

National Lotteries from U.S., U.K. and from Europe have already sent us emails asking us to stop giving these secrets. They said it's a bit unfair to the rest of the players who play thousands of dollars each year and win nothing.

Our publisher allowed us to give only 500 copies of this Winning Lotto Strategies version.

We already sold 34 78 104 230 379 of the current Winning Lotto Strategies edition. This version contains the secrets to the pattern used by us for choosing the numbers.

Once the remaining 121 copies of the current edition of Winning Lotto Strategies will be sold out, we will have to erase the part on the secret pattern of numbers.

And I'm afraid people will get the same content that you can get from books and from competition. Nothing special whatsoever...

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"I downloaded the system on Thursday, played the Saturday night Super Lotto drawing and won $1100.00! Just wanted to let you know this program really works."

Wendy Gibbson - California, US

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Clayton Finley - Melbourne, Florida

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Gary Johnson - Ohio

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John Lynch - Houston, Texas

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Don Brown - Homestead, Florida

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"Is there a money back guarantee?"


Absolutely. Try my book for 56 days. After that you decide if you want to keep it or not!

If within 56 days of using and applying the secrets in "Winning Lotto Strategies " you are not fully and completely satisfied you can send me a note and I will buy it back from you.

But... You don't have to worry about this at all. Because nobody has asked for a refund for Winning Lotto Strategies and we already sold 379 copies.

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Marc McCreless - Corpus Christi, Texas

"I Ran A $313,000 "Test"

"Unfortunately, I didn't play last night but ran a "test"... I would have gotten ALL 5 ... and won $313,000 in the California Fantasy 5... I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM. From now on I will play 100% real money. In fact, I already won $7,500."

John Swanson - Laguna Hills, California

"National Lottery Is In Trouble!"

"Just a short note to let you know how fantastic this program is. For the last 2 weeks it seems that I can't lose. ...I have hit the Pick 3 in New Jersey over 8 times boxed so far, not to mention a four number win in the New Jersey Pick 6. It's awesome!!!!! All it takes is a little patience and savvy and pop, numbers hit. Some days I'm afraid to play because I know somehow I'm going to hit again. Boy is the national lottery in trouble. Keep up the excellent work guys."

Anton Arivera - New Jersey, US

"I've nailed the Pennsylvania Lotto for $400,000"

"I've nailed the Pennsylvania Lotto for $400,000 using your system. The pot was actually worth 1.2 million but I had to split with two other people. Thank you very much for changing my life for the better. Whoopee!"

William J. Jenkins - Michigan

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Malcolm Horsey - Huston, US

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