by Robert Perkis / Lotto-Logix

          Would you be willing to share your lottery prize with others 
          if doing so gave you a better chance to win?  If your answer 
          is yes, you are a prime candidate for recruitment into a 
          lottery club.  So, join today, get rich, see the world, what 
          could be wrong with this picture?  Let's see, as we explore 
          the lottery clubs.

          Stupid Clubs:  This is where you are the only member buying 
          tickets and you've publicly promised to share your prize 
          with others.  Verbal contracts sworn before witnesses can be 
          legally binding, so don't promise to buy all the guys at the 
          bar new cars if you win.  

          Bloody Nose Club: Read the book, How to Play Lotto for Free.  
          Form a lottery club pooling money from friends, family and 
          co-workers.  Hide the fact you get a free ride till someone 
          does the math.  

          Suicide Clubs:  A winning club consisting of you, your 
          mother-in-law, your ex-spouse, your flaky sibling and the 
          weird guy that rents a room next door.  

          Private Clubs:  Like minded lottery players get together to 
          pool expenses in order to play a system, or software wheel 
          beyond their individual means.  They work with a book such 
          as Michael Burke's book, Win Million$$ Playing the Lottery 
          and use the rules and contracts therein to insure problem 
          free playing. 

          Commercial Clubs (Honest): General indicators; Low key 
          promotion lacking in outrageous claims; Overhead between ten 
          and twenty percent of subscriptions collected; Operators do 
          appear reasonably interested in winning and are willing to 
          discuss in general terms their method for making it happen.

          Commercial Clubs (Other): General indicators; They call you 
          on the phone with exciting information; Cost of play exceeds 
          fifty percent; Secret method to win with possible mention of 
          "wheeling" being used.  Check out this "good deal" 
          promotional club intended to get new members. . .

               300 Share (The Wealth) Club
               Weekly Plays ................... 100
               Number of Weeks ...................6
               Total Plays .....................600
               Total Cost ...................$39.00
               Your Cost Per Ticket ..... 6.5 cents

          Salesman, "Now, I ask you.  Where else can you play lottery 
          for only six and a half cents per ticket?"

          In reality, 300 people are going to send in $39.00 and that 
          is 300 X $39.00 = $11,700.00 and the club buys $600.00 worth 
          of tickets.  If the club were the sole winner of $7 million, 
          sale of the annuity would bring about $2.5 million divided 
          by 300, figure each member would win $8,333. before taxes.  

          Commercial Clubs (MLM): This hybrid attempts to encourage 
          rapid growth by returning roughly ten to fifteen percent of 
          player overcharges (as shown above) to players who recruit 
          new members.  First you overpay to play, then you recover 
          some of your losses by getting others to make the same 
          mistake.  Your "Guaranteed Income" ensues when the return 
          from your recruits exceeds your own outlay for membership.  

          Despite some exaggerated attempts to suggest you will win 
          and share with others a wonderful lottery prize, the actual 
          dollar emphasis is primarily on building a  downline of your 
          recruits endlessly recruiting newer recruits, etc.   

          Scratcher Clubs:  When properly armored, these clubs use the 
          anonymity of the internet to hide their foreign locale while 
          in relative safety allowing them to spread their recruitment 
          information.  Little more then "hi-tech" chain-letters, the 
          clubs offer individually numbered (otherwise identical) web 
          pages written with a marketing strategy to allay suspicion 
          and promote hope mixed with greed.  Members send a lottery 
          scratch-off ticket to six pyramid leaders above them, while 
          attempting to recruit new members who will send them a 
          ticket and so it grows.  

          On the plus side, long term members whose accounts aren't 
          canceled for spamming their recruitment messages into e-mail 
          boxes and news groups, can receive a lot of lottery tickets.  
          On the negative side, the odds any one of those tickets will 
          have a prize worth winning is pretty low.  Furthermore, the 
          degree of risk of being prosecuted for violating numerous 
          state, federal and international statutes grows in direct 
          proportion to your success.

          Sharing Clubs:  Members purchase lottery tickets, either on 
          their own or through a club.  The agreed upon arrangement is 
          to equally share out up to 90% of the prize you may win, 
          with other club members who have agreed to do the same if 
          they should win.  In clubs where members are allowed to pick 
          the actual numbers they play on each ticket, there is a 
          certain inherent fairness value to paying a larger share to 
          the member who picked the winning ticket.  

          The Reality of Lottery Clubs:  While most club members 
          concentrate on getting the best deal, price vs ticket share.  
          The actual problem with clubs is more insidious, as players 
          tend to turn to clubs because they have no good idea how to 
          win on their own within their budget and hope the club does.  

          Besides buying more tickets, does a lottery club improve 
          your chances of winning, over what you can do on your own?  
          Now that's a tough one, because mathematically speaking each 
          and every ticket has an equal chance in the next drawing and 
          in all drawings over time.  When you purchase more tickets, 
          there is a straight division of tickets into odds, so that 
          two tickets cut the odds in half, four tickets cut the odds 
          into quarters, etc.

          Everything in lotto is balanced, everything rides/shares the 
          see-saw with something else.  Any playing strategy you might 
          implement in the hopes of improving your chances when one 
          style of drawing will occur, equally decreases your chances 
          of winning if a different style of drawing does occur.  
          Based on this reality, one needs to examine the "winning 
          strategy" of any lottery club they may think about joining.  
          Most clubs aren't exactly forthcoming, but you can get 
          enough clues to figure it out.

          One club says it has a secret number picking method and they 
          pick 12 numbers to fully wheel in 924 combinations.  This 
          means they have covered 100% of all the possible six number 
          combinations, twelve numbers can combine to make.  If all 
          six numbers fall among their twelve they will have a grand 
          prize winning ticket worth millions.

          On the other hand, you can guarantee yourself at least a 
          four number winning ticket if all six winning numbers fall 
          into your twelve number wheel, in only six combinations. 
          Just replace my pointer numbers with yours.

          01)  01-02-04-09-10-11     02)  01-03-04-05-06-07
          03)  01-04-05-08-10-12     04)  02-03-06-07-08-12
          05)  02-05-08-09-11-12     06)  03-06-07-09-10-11

          The only problem with my wheel and the club's wheel, is in a 
          6/49 game, the odds of all six winning numbers falling into 
          any set of twelve numbers is on the order of 1 in 15,134.00 
          and that means its not likely to happen any time soon.

          The only way for a club to have all the winning numbers 
          among the combinations they play, is to put all the numbers 
          into play.  While this may not guarantee they will win 
          anything, it does guarantee they haven't lost before the 
          first ball is drawn.

          There are wheels that can 100% guarantee at least a three 
          number winning ticket in as few as 168 combinations covering 
          all 49 numbers in a 6/49 game.  There are also wheels that 
          can guarantee a slightly lower percentage of guarantee with 
          far fewer tickets if your club would be willing to settle 
          for, say a 80% guarantee of at least three numbers correct 
          in fewer then 100 combinations.

          Whether you join a lotto club or play on your own, look 
          beyond the cost to play and examine the playing strategy and 
          make sure it is one that can win something most of the time.

          Good luck to you.

          Robert Perkis
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