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Online Slots Strategy
by Robert Perkis / Lotto-Logix

There is a considerable difference between regular slots and online slots. When it comes to online slots, you may as well have rented a movie of a slot machine being played, nothing you can do will change the outcome.

In the brick and mortar casinos, you can watch the machines being played. You can note which machines are paying off on a regular basis, where jackpots are coming from, etc.

You can't watch the online casino slots machines being played so you have to trust to luck or test them yourself.

When it comes to online slots there are three factors to look for and they all come down to whether the machine will reward you or not.

Does the machine reward you for playing more than the center line? Typically there is no difference between 100 pulls with a unit on the center line, or 50 pulls with units on the center and top line, or 33 pulls with units on the center, top and bottom line. Only the time you get to work the machine is measured here, 33 three line pulls are exactly equal to 99 one line pulls.

The question is whether you might be able to find a machine that rewards you for playing three lines with a better prize structure? Larger prizes or more ways to win, such as on the diagonal, make playing more lines a valid strategy over machines where only your playing time is shortened by playing more lines.

Does the machine reward you on a regular basis? We've all heard the stories of the guy who played the same machine until broke and then the next person to play the machine won within three pulls. Makes you wonder doesn't it, wonder who starts these stories.

You want to play a machine that credits you on a regular basis. You should have a pad of paper beside you as you play noting the number of units being played per pull, marks for each pull in columns going down the page and the amount returned to you for each win. If eight, nine, ten, eleven, single line pulls are going by without a return, switch to another machine or casino that rewards you better.

Online casinos with "guaranteed percentage pay outs" are not true random number generators as random can not be guaranteed. In this case you might try a game you otherwise like at a different time of day, it might make a difference.

The final factor is whether the machine will reward you for playing more units per line? If the cost of a single center line play is twenty-five cents and you are offered the opportunity to play up to three twenty-five cent units on the center line, is the prize structure greater than three times the prizes for playing a single unit?

If the jackpot offered is $1,000. for a single unit center line win and for three units is $3,000. there is little incentive to play for this long shot, but if the prize were to be $4,500. strategy would dictate wagering three coins as the discount lowers your cost to dollars won ratio to win this prize.

When it comes to slots, money management isn't much of a consideration besides staying within a budget and quitting while ahead. Strategy says to pocket half of all good wins, so if you hit for $200. don't reinvest more than half of that trying for the next good win during this session of game play.

It is believed some online casinos like their brick and mortar cousins exercise control over slot payout percentages and this may be based at least partly on their marketing strategy vs their current profit and loss. Calendar good and bad days of the month and note if you do better or worse after big wins are announced that might affect the bottom line.

While brick and mortar casinos are limited to targeting payout percentages to individual machines, it is believed some online casinos can target individual accounts and know whether you are playing on free bonus money, your money or theirs and turn up or down your win percentage. One gambling columnist found he couldn't win until he told a casino he planed to write an article about not being able to win and then he couldn't lose until he cashed in, after that things went back to normal. If you are in a casino like that, switch to one you can trust.

Of course gambling is exactly that. Never confuse general bad luck with people being out to get you. I'm just saying to watch what goes on around you and if you get a bad feeling don't stick around to see what they do to you next. There are now over 1,400 online casinos, you don't have to play at the bad ones.

Good luck to you. Robert Perkis /

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