Hello, my name is Dusty Rhodes and this is not a scam.

A year ago, I was sober, the dog had died, my mother-in-law was getting out of prison and my wife was screwing the garbage man. There I was, trying to make lemonade out of a dead dog, when this incredible letter arrived. It began, . . .

"Hello, my name is David Roads . . ." I showed this letter to my lawyer and she said, the supreme court had ruled chain letters illegal, because no one ever sends the five dollars.

Somehow, I knew the letter contained the answer to all my problems, I just needed to find a way to make it work.

The very next morning, when my wife offered to take the dead dog out to the trash and to wait to bring the empty cans back, it hit me. This plan, would deal with something people pay to get rid of.

Here is the plan: Bundle up your wife or husband, and send them to the name on the top of the opposite-sex list. For every point they are less then a ten, send along one gram of cocaine, or a case of beer and a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Add your name to the bottom of the appropriate list. By the time your name reaches the top, you will have received over five thousand new wives or husbands, to keep or trade.

THIS IS PERFECTLY LEGAL! I showed this letter to my postmaster and he begged, to be added to the list. Our lawyer shipped out her husband, the same day I gave her the plan to review. This plan works! (US Postal regulations do forbid sending the lottery ticket through the mails. For fastest removal, send the whole bundle by Gray Hound.)

Here's proof: Thank you Dusty, your plan really worked. I received 4,756 husbands, who all want to keep me happy. Some of them were gay, but that worked out, because they like to cook and clean.

More proof: Hi Dusty, your plan worked! I only received 300 wives, but one was a TEN!!! I also won $5,000. in lottery. Extra proof: I still can't believe your plan works! The first time I tried it, I only received ten wives (not worth keeping) so I shipped them back out and received 50,000 wives and enough beer and coke to go into my own business. Thank you!

WARNING: One man broke the chain and he got his own wife back!

Just add your name to the bottom of the appropriate list below.
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